Crazy Beard Wild Apple Ale | Legendary To The Core
An apple flavoured malt alcoholic beverage from Canada.
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Legendary To The Core

Somewhere, far north of here, is said to be the world’s greatest apple orchard. Forged by the harshest elements, these apples develop a thick skin and remain as crisp as the day they are picked.

Since he staked claim to the orchard, Crazy Beard has fought tooth, nail, and hatchet to protect it. He brews a special ale and hoards it fiercely. Only on the night of the Harvest Moon does he leave a single barrel for those brave enough to make the journey North.

Most call him crazy, some call him passionate, but NO ONE knows what lies beneath the beard…

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Crazy Never Tasted So Good

Natural apple flavoured ale. Cuts like a cider, lands like a beer.

Introducing: Mad Ginger Beer!

In decades protecting the wild orchard of the North, no man had challenged Crazy Beard.

However, a sleuth of Grizzly Bears acquired a taste for his apple ale and took every chance to wet their muzzles.

He set out to brew a version so bold it would knock the bears back into hibernation. After a particularly gruelling day of scavenging, he stubbed his toe on a ginger root. In his madness, he began yanking it from the ground but it only grew deeper. Crazy Beard wrestled with it for days and finally pulled it free. Instantly, he knew the Grizzlies would be no match for the bold flavour of this legendary ingredient.

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Embrace Your Wild Side

Compromise nothing in the name of fun. Not. Even. Taste.


Venture into the forest.


Bite the forbidden fruit.


Be legend-hairy.

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*Must be legal drinking age to enter.


Like Crazy Beard Ale on Facebook!
*Must be legal drinking age to enter.